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time trap

"Here is the ugly truth life coach certification programs"

Did you know that most people that want to become a life coach never end up becoming one? And their # 1 excuse is that they don't have time. Especially since a lot of life coaching programs force you to go through days or weeks of unnecessary training before they certify you. And here's the ugly truth. They only do that to give you the illusion you're receiving more value than you actually are, and to justify charging you more money. So if you're dream is to be a life coach, don't let a lack of time and shady programs stop you. Become a life coach today at LOALCA.

No Fluff

"When you remove the fluff, 1 day is more than enough"

Law Of Attraction Life Coach Academy "LOALCA," is a dream come true for busy people that want to be life coaches. We offer a convenient 8-hour class held live on Zoom that will literally provide you with everything you'll need to immediately launch your practice. This includes leading edge training plus your life coaching certificate. You'll also get a free video copy of the class, free bonus training each month and 24/7 unlimited lifetime support. LOALCA will be there for you throughout your entire career guiding you to success every step of the way


"I loved that the class was on Saturday morning because I didn't have to take time off from work. The instructors and training were phenomenal and to the point. I felt like I got everything I needed and more. I was also ecstatic that the class was done by 4:30 pm because I was still able enjoy the rest of my Saturday with my family. " . Linda

There's more

No other program gives you more value than LOALCA. Here's what else you'll get"

  • Fast 1-Day Certification
  • Convenient Online Class
  • Fluff-Free World Class Training
  • Experienced Award Winning Instructors
  • Complimentary Video Copy of the Class
  • Free Monthly Class Refreshers
  • 2-Hour Consultation After Graduation
  • 24/7 Unlimited Life Time Support
  • Membership to Facebook Group
  • Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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Saturday June 26, 2021

8:30 am to 4:30 pm (PST)

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