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Your life coach instructors at LOALCA are award winning celebrity life coaches and husband & wife coaching duo Anthony & Melanie Clarks “The Amazing Clarks.”

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Best Question?

“Best life coach trainer.” Who is the best trainer? Do you really need the best? And what’s the benefits of having the best? So, these are all great questions to ask. Especially, if you are about to invest time and money to get your life coach certification. Therefore, these are all things you need to know. Because we care about your success we want to help you. Hence, we will share our own expert perspectives on this important subject. And hopefully it will help you make the best choices when choosing a life coach program.

The Problem

We are the “Law Of Attraction Life Coach Academy” (LOALCA). And over the last 10 years we’ve certified over 3,000 coaches. In addition, all of them have built successful practices. So, what’s our secret? Our classes are taught by two award winning life coaches “Anthony & Melanie Clark.” Hence, they have 46 years of combined experience. In addition, they have an extraordinarily successful international practice. They have an industry shattering 95% client success rate. They are called “The Amazing Clarks” because they’ve empowered thousands to live amazing lives. Get the best. Register now.

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The Solution

We are the Law Of Attraction Life Coach Academy (LOALCA). And we offer online life coach certification on Zoom. This enables you to take our class no matter where live around the globe. Hence, you can attend from the comfort and safety of your own home. Don’t worry about traveling or traveling expenses. You can see, hear and interact with the entire class. in addition, it’s just like being there in person. Except it’s better. Because once the class is over, you’re already home. Don’t wait, register for our next class now.

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