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Education Question?

“Life coach continuing education.” What does that mean to you? Is that something you’re looking for in a certification program? Is that something you should be looking for? Or, is it all irrelevant to you? Well here’s our perspective. If you don’t want to be a life coach then it’s not important. But if you do, it’s very important. So, throughout the rest of this page we will breakdown why it’s so important. In addition, we will introduce you to a program that provides continuing education. So exactly why are we doing this for you? Because we care about you.

The Problem

Getting life coach certification is vital. Especially if you want to be a respected life coach. So, that means you have to choose a certification program. Likewise there are a lot to choose from. So, how can you tell which one to choose? Even though there are lots of things to look for, here is one. Make sure they offer continuing education once you graduate. That way you can ensure that you are the best life coach you can be. And the better you are the more successful you’ll be. Unfortunately a lot of programs don’t provide continuing education. And if they do, they will charge you a lot of money for it. But not LOALCA.

The Solution

You can get life coach continuing education right here. We are the “Law Of Attraction Life Coach Academy” (LOALCA). We offer a 1-day life coach certification and training class. In addition you can take it live on Zoom. And since 2010 we’ve certified over 3,000 coaches worldwide. Once you take our class and get certified that’s just the start. Yes, you’ll enjoy 24/7 unlimited lifetime support. But you’ll also receive free life coach continuing training online. So if you want to become a life coach Register for our next class.

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