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Refresher Question?

“Life coach class refresher.” What is a class refresher? Is that something you need? Is it something that’s important? Or maybe it’s meaningless? So these are all questions you might be asking yourself. Well, here the answer. If you want to become a life coach it’s really important. Yet, it’s something most new life coaches never think about. But you definitely should. Because it can determine whether you’ll be an average life coach or an amazing life coach. So, because we care , next we will break it down.

The Problem

Your life coach training is incredibly important. And not only because of your certification. It’s also important because it’s your training. And how you train is how you will coach. So, all of the tips, tools and rules you learn should help you become a successful life coach. In other words, it’s your coaching bible. But a lot of students forget most of what they learn once they get certified. As a result, they don’t reach their full potential as coaches. Likewise, if you want to retake the class most programs will make you pay again.

The Solution

We are the Law Of Attraction Life Coach Academy (LOALCA). We offer a 1-day life coach training & certification class on Zoom. Hence, its an intensive accelerated 8 hour course. Likewise this advanced training has created over 3,000 successful life coaches since 2010. But unlike other programs, our graduates get free refreshers. They can retake the class for free, as many times as they want. Because we know how important it is to their success. So if you want to be a successful life coach register for our next class.

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